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The History of Jewellery

What we now call jewellery has been worn by humans since the Stone Age, with bones, stones and other natural objects, which might have denoted their status within the group, or could have been a tribal symbol. The earliest archaeological finds show that Homo Sapiens liked to wear natural objects, and when we became a little more civilised, these trinkets and amulets became more sophisticated.

The Egyptians

The Pharaohs were always adorned with the finest jewellery, yet the ordinary people hardly wore any items, and when Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, they found some amazing jewellery, with exquisite gold pieces that can be seen in Museums today.

Viking Jewellery

Perhaps the most prominent culture between the 5th and 12th centuries for jewellery were the Vikings, who not only adorned their bodies with many objects, they also dressed the deceased when burial took place. One common item was a nose piercing ring, which was commonly found on the upper class, and nose piercing is now in trend and you can find nose jewellery from the online supplier.

The Greeks

Another civilisation the loved to wear gold and precious stones, the Greeks wore amulets for protection and good fortune, with soldiers and gladiators often wearing trophies of previous battles. Opals, emeralds and sapphires were commonly inset into gold, with rings, necklaces and bracelets all made with a high degree of skill.

Rennaissance Jewellery

This was the age of the precious stone, with more advanced cutting techniques that increased the sparkle of diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones. Religion can be seen to be very prominent in the jewellery of that time, with mythological figures and symbols of creed, while protection was still a powerful reason to wear jewellery.

The Victorians

These periods saw a surge in wearing fine jewellery, with diamonds and rubies well represented, and if you look at the 15th century onwards, each era has its own unique jewellery style, and the ancient beliefs regarding spiritual protection and good luck have prevailed to this day. If you would like to view authentic Victorian jewellery, search online for a local antique dealer, who would have an impressive catalogue of fine jewellery pieces from many periods.

There are so many styles of jewellery, which means there will be eras that you are attracted to, and with online solutions, you can source a wide range of jewellery, all at affordable prices.

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