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4 Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

Like it or not, our bodies change as we get older. One of the most significant things to change is our skin. As such, the way that we wear makeup, and the types that we put on should evolve along with our skin. 


However, some women aren’t sure how the way they were makeup should change past a certain age. To help you avoid “cake face,” fine lines, and everything else in between, here are some of the best tips for applying makeup over 40. 


Prep Your Skin


When it comes to a smooth finish, there’s nothing more effective than prepping your skin. You should make sure that your skin is properly cleansed, as well as hydrated, and you may want to consider a primer as well. The more hydrated your skin is, the more you will avoid a cakey and chalky texture that accentuates your fine lines. 


To accentuate the highlights on your cheekbones, consider adding a light amount of oil that will give your cheekbones a glossy finish. Just be careful about too much hydration around your eyes. Excess oil can cause your mascara and eyeliner to run giving you dark circles which won’t do you any favors.


Choose High Pigment Foundation


As we get older, our skin has more discoloration and unevenness. That’s why the same translucent formula you used in your 20s won’t cut it in your later years. Choose one that is highly pigmented and will give you a warm complexion. 


Going for too cool of a shade can leave you looking lifeless and dull. When it comes to the finish, choose one that isn’t too dry so that it gives you full coverage without a chalky texture.


Use Concealer Under Eyes


Concealer is a lifesaver when it comes to hiding bags under your eyes. Use a lighter color and apply in a triangle shape. This is referred to as the “triangle of light” and will make you look less tired, and shave years off of your face.  


Just remember, however, that not all concealers are created equally. You need to use one that won’t shift into the lines under your eyes and leave you with a heavy and unnatural finish. In fact, going too heavy-handed with the wrong concealer can leave you looking even more wrinkled than unnatural face. You want a creamy concealer that goes on smoothly and then top it off with a setting powder. Once again, make sure you go light handed or you could accentuate your fine lines.


Use a Finishing Spray

A finishing spray will lock all of your makeup in and Mike gets sweat proof and sunproof. There are many different finishing sprays on the market, however, for women over 40 it’s recommended to get one with a Dewey finish rather than matte.  

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