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Getting Wholesale Prices On Silver Jewellery In Bangkok

When you are a person that loves to shop, Bangkok is an excellent destination for you to visit. There is some fantastic shopping available in the city, no matter what you are looking to buy, whether you want wholesale silver earrings, designer clothing, or the latest electronic gadgets. If you will be travelling to Bangkok and are interested in picking up some excellent bargains when you are there, below are some tips to help ensure you get the best price possible and bag yourself a few deals in the Big Mango.

Avoid Taxi & Tuk-Tuk Scams

When looking to purchase jewellery in Bangkok, you will often find taxi and tuk-tuk drivers offering to take you to a shop to get the best deal. However, this is a well-known scam, and you will want to avoid using these places that rip off tourists. Bangkok is a global trade centre for finished jewellery and polished gemstones, so it is a big industry, and some people look to take advantage of this.

Shop Online Before You Arrive

You can do plenty of research before arriving in Bangkok to find the best jewellery stores you can visit while you are there. Doing this can save you a lot of time and hassle, and you can get online recommendations of shops to browse that you may want to add to your list. However, it is also worthwhile exploring when you are in the city as you may find sellers that do not have a website and sell quality jewellery at a competitive price.

Learn The Art Of Haggling

You can haggle on the price of almost anything in Bangkok, and it is an excellent way for you to save money when shopping in the city. When you start negotiating the price, always let the vendor make the first move, and do not be too aggressive with your haggling. If you make an offer that is too low, you may offend them, and they may refuse to deal with you altogether. You may also find that they are willing to lower the price significantly if you purchase multiple items, so buying more can often get you a lower price.

Take Your Passport With You Shopping

Thailand offers a VAT refund scheme for tourists, which can save you 7% on the purchase price of many goods, including jewellery. Many shops are members of this scheme, and you will need to show them your passport to receive the discount. However, if they are not members, you can still save the VAT by claiming it back at the airport before leaving the country and heading home.

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