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Different Types of Handguns

Handguns are a relatively recent military invention. They have been used since the late 14th century to shoot arrows more quickly and at a farther distance than throwing them. Early handguns were rather cumbersome and required that the user load each barrel by hand, but in the 19th-century revolvers were invented which allowed cartridges to be loaded simply by turning a cylinder. Today there are several different types of handguns available for sale, though revolvers are still very popular in many parts of the world.

Below are the different types of guns with their specifications but are not limited to:

  • Walther PDP Full Size
  • Our Walther PDP Full Size is a double-action/single-action compact .22LR pistol that features a polymer frame and easily converts to a single action.  The PDP also features a Weaver-style accessory rail,  polymer slide, and barrel, hammer fire action with decocking lever, ambidextrous thumb safety, loaded chamber indicator, fixed front sight and rear notch sights, manual safety lock, and 5.5″ cold hammer-forged barrel for optimal shot delivery.
  • Sig Sauer P320C
  • The P320C Carry is a compact, striker-fired, semi-automatic polymer pistol that has a slim frame and intuitive design features that make it comfortable to shoot at reduced size and weight for prime carry. The P320C’s light, crisp trigger, along with minimal reset, delivers quick follow-up shots. Featuring the versatile SIG SAUER ROMEO1 Reflex Sight and modular grip construction, the P320C Carry is the ideal pistol for service members transitioning to a different handgun.
  • Ruger LCP Max 
  • The Ruger LCP Max .380 Auto Pistol is a light, compact weapon that can be carried discreetly and easily. The Ruger LCPMax .380 Auto Pistol offers reliable performance from a smaller pistol that is easy to carry and conceal for security personnel, licensed carry holders, and other lawful concealed carry permit holders. The Ruger LCPMax .380 Auto Pistol is chambered for the .380 Auto cartridge and comes in a variety of magazines offering capacities of either 6 or 7 rounds with an ambidextrous magazine release located in the front of the trigger guard for ease of use. 
  • Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0
  • Smith & Wesson is a company that Americans have relied on for more than 150 years. Since it was first founded in 1852, S&W has devoted its efforts to designing, manufacturing, and selling firearms for defensive, sporting, and professional use. From single-action revolvers to semi-automatic handguns and rifles, S&W offers a full line of products with features that satisfy the demands of a broad market. Its headquarters is located in Springfield, Massachusetts and it employs approximately 1,900 people worldwide who are committed to advancing the safety of sport shooting and protecting people’s rights to enjoy recreational pursuits.
  • Springfield Armory XD
  • The Springfield Armory XD is an American-made polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol that boasts a 14+1 capacity (16+1 in the single-stack 9mm variant), ambidextrous controls, and a dual-spring, full-length guide rod system. Offered in 9mm and .40 S&W with a 4.5-inch barrel as well as a non-ported 5″ Government Model variant. The XD comes equipped with 3 interchangeable backstraps, which allow the user to customize the feel of the pistol by replacing it with either a Small, Medium, or Large replacement.

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