As with most cosmetic procedures, many people believe only celebrities, athletes, and the wealthy are the only people able to afford it. This might have been the case thirty years ago, but times have been a’changin. As with most other forms of technology, innovation causes price to go down, making things available to more people.

This has been the case for cosmetic dentistry; which has gone through some incredible technological shifts over the past three decades. In fact, technology has advanced so quickly, that even local dentists, have figured out how to get a piece of the cosmetic pie for their practices. Almost every dentist today, offers some form of cosmetic dentistry.

Most dentists are skilled enough to be able to alter teeth in slight ways, that make a huge difference. However, real deal cosmetic dentists are able to perform surgeries so profound, they are called, “smile makeovers.” So is a smile makeover the right thing for you? Here are some things to consider before you move forward.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is all about treating misshapen, missing, discolored, and chipped teeth. Dentists can lengthen teeth, shorten teeth, and restore spaces in between teeth, to make sure the appearance of your teeth are highly noticeable – in a positive way, of course.

Below are some of the procedures cosmetic dentists perform on a regular basis:

Whitening – This is probably the most well-known of all the cosmetic treatments. People experience stained teeth for a number of reasons, with coffee, wine, and tea, being the top reasons. While many people choose to whiten their teeth using in-store products, those who opt for dental treatments, offered, and performed, by dental practitioners, find that they get better results.

Crowns – These “caps,” are used when other forms of cosmetic dentistry have not worked out properly, and when done the right way – they can turn a worn-out smile look absolutely radiant.

Bonding – This procedure is somewhat of a “catch-all.” It’s used to help with discolored teeth, as well as helping to fill in spaces between teeth. In addition, this procedure can help to fix misshapen teeth.

Veneers – These thin shells are used in a variety of ways as well. They help to change the color of a stained tooth that whitening isn’t able to affect. They also are used to lengthen teeth, which is what they are primarily used for.

Smile makeovers – This procedure may involve several procedures, with the goal of being to overhaul a patient’s smile. You can think of this procedure as a facelift, but for your mouth!

So you have a better understanding of what cosmetic dentistry can do for you, now it’s time to decide if it’s right for you. The best person you can make that decision with is your dentist; who is qualified to tell you what your teeth really need. Call them up and set your appointment up pronto, to find out if going forward is the best choice for your teeth.


The Smile Makeover – Cosmetic Surgery For Your Teeth