Pookalam Collection 2019 | Pookalam Design 2019 – Pookalam 2019

It’s time to captivate you with the beautiful designs of Onam Pookalam. Onam is celebrated around the world with great pomp and Malayalis show. You can find beautiful Onoma Pookalam design in every house for 10 days. Different flowers in different colors are used to create beautiful Pookalam designs.

The arrangement of flowers in a particular pattern that make beautiful patterns is called Pookalams. All Onam Pookalam designs are unique and beautiful. You can see the photos of onam pookalam in the links below and if you like them, share them with your friends. This year Onam will be celebrated on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Pookalam Collection 2019 | Pookalam Design 2019 – Pookalam 2019

Athapookalam or Onapookalam is a flowerbed from Onam in Kerala. He is a distant cousin of Rangoli in northern India and Kolam in Tamil Nadu. The production of Pookalam traditionally begins on Atham day, ten days before Thiruonam. Originally the Pookalam consists of ten small round steps. It is believed that the ten levels or rings represent ten different deities in Hinduism. There is also the belief that the flower carpet symbolically represents the struggle between the Asuras (demons) and the Devas (demigods).

Each day of the 10-day Onam Festival was formerly performed in Pookalam. There will be only one ring on the day of Atham, the next day, that is Chithira, there will be two rings, and on the day of Thiruonam there will be 10 rings. On the first day only one flower of one color is used, on the second day two colors and on the last day 10 different flower colors.

In some places, every Nakshatram of the day was marked in Pookalam. For example, the day was depicted by Moolam, who became prominent in Pookalam’s four corners. Pookalam Collection 2019 | Pookalam Design 2019 – Pookalam 2019