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Kpsc Thulasi

The Kerala Public Service Commission KPSCThulasi is an agency established by the Indian Constitution that selects applicants for public administration jobs in the state of Kerala based on the merit of the state of Kerala and selects the applicants’ reservation rules.

The central office of the KPSC Thulasi is located in Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital. It has three regional offices and fourteen district offices.


The Public Service Commission of Kerala kpscthulasi is an agency founded by the Indian constitution. The Commission advises and guides the Government on all matters relating to the civilian services referred to in Article 320 (3) of the Constitution, and publishes and invites communications inviting them to select different

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bodies, as required by the nominal authorities Tests by writing and / or practices. Tests, physical performance tests and surveys, create a list of classified categories according to Kpsc Thulasi the candidate’s performance and advise applicants on an appointment strictly according to their preferences. Observe the reservation rules when you are informed about vacancies.

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