Wondering what’s to come next after all the lip fillers, botox, and butt augmentation comes out of trend. Looking for what consumers are expecting to release within the next couple years in the cosmetic industry? In this guide, we will explore the essence of trends that are set to rule the cosmetics market in little to no time. Here are 5 cosmetic trends that are making its way into the market by 2018.

Asian Beauty Trends

 While it is no secret that the beauty industry of South Korea is slowly taking over the world market, the global industry is all looking for trends, retail and reviews on Korean makeup and it’s not a shock to see why. Many of the hot examples are the latest color cosmetic trends that stem from Asia. With many famous beauty bloggers in the area promoting selfies and enhancements, more trends are coming out for the Korean glow, the Japanese “out of bath” look, and the Chinese health appearance.

Ingredients in Beauty Products

 As skin care is the largest category in the beauty industry, skin care takes over the largest percentage of manufactured ingredients. Such ingredients are used for benefits that include anti-aging, moisturization, cleansing, UV protection, antioxidant, and more. The focus on these ingredients is currently on the rise as many new ingredients help brands stand out from its competition. It is the desire for natural beauty that is the growing influence of the wellness revolution. The Halal beauty market is also taking off as companies are conforming to connecting with consumers whose lifestyle and religion demand a diverse experience of products.

Sustainable Beauty

 The cosmetic industry is providing more ways to achieve a sustainable look for a sustainable future. The role of social responsibility and sustainability puts the effort in cosmetic treatments to be more sustainable and less toxic. The effects of sustainable materials will also guarantee high quality with long lasting performances and results.


Digital Beauty Development

 As many cosmetic treatments are trying to keep up with the fast-moving changes in technology, we are now able to predict the next upcoming challenges. As digital development in beauty and cosmetics begins to grow, the rise of “staying young” will increase the efforts of many to help them look younger. As long as patients are concerns with the impact of aging and stress, they will follow innovative methods of treatment and use ingredients to formulate active ingredients.

Vaginal Makeover

 Ever heard of labiaplasty? Well, it seems like women of all ages are choosing to undergo this procedure to reduce the size of the vaginal lips. With more than 12,000 procedures performed within the last year, it is no wonder why this procedure is becoming a hot trend. What are your thoughts on these current cosmetic trends? Comment below and share your ideas with us!

5 Cosmetic Trends That Are Making Its Way Into The Market by 2018